Hi, I'm Andrew Brown

I've had a long career in web-development well beyond a decade. I care about growing the economic development of Canada. I accomplish this by sharing my knowledge and network with startups and developers. I try to volunteer my time best I can, but when I cannot, I charge reasonable prices.

Fractional CTO / Technical Advisor

These are things I find startups need:

  • Reducing technical debt and putting automated systems in place to avoid future debt.
  • Catch contractors lying about hours or subcontracting is happening without permission.
  • Creating custom technical architectures, both practical and at scale.
  • Putting together detailed budgets or ballparks to help with fundraising budgets.
  • Qualifying and evaluating technical hires or third-party teams.
  • Coaching startups with no technical co-founders on how to have technical visibility.
  • Provide "muscle" for critical business meetings to dispel technical concerns.
  • Mentor early hires to help them learn up and improve employee retention.
  • Create a Developer Handbook to reduce ramp-up of new hires.

Startup Advisory

Don't feel like you have to go it alone, I provide sanity and support these ways:

  • Send you leads for potential interns, contractors, first-employees.
  • Strategize and connect with business partnerships.
  • Map out all the hidden costs involved both biz-dev and technical.
  • Accompany to networking events as a way to introduce you into startup culture.
  • Talk through startups ideas and try to materialize them into documents and designs.

Developer Mentorship

These are the problems I hear:

  • Migrated to Canada with past job history from home-country but that experience is being discounted or ignored since its not Canadian job history.
  • Bootcamp graduate but still cannot break into the industry.
  • Every interview is different technology and process, so wasting so much time self-studying everything and getting no-where.

I help developers combat these problems in various ways:

  • Teach new in-demand skills and put together learning journeys with goals.
  • Assist them in putting together a tech talk and finding a speaking venue.
  • Provide feedback on their LinkedIn Profile to attract more job opportunities.
  • Pair-programing sessions on open-source contributions.
  • Provide internships opportunities to trusted startups in my network.
  • Identify and eliminate social and cultural red-flags that may be holding you back.
  • Strategize how to apply to specific jobs and help on coding challenges and take home projects.
  • Grant access to my paid course content for free for self-study.